Our Founding Director

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Don Baker selflessly and tirelessly devoted his life to the youth of Evanston. In 1971, he served on the Evanston Youth Commission that ultimately led to the founding of Youth Organizations Umbrella (Y.O.U.). Over the subsequent four decades, he led Y.O.U. while it helped more than 15,000 youth succeed. Thanks to Don's inspired leadership, Y.O.U. became a cherished community institution in Evanston with nearly 1,000 donors, 26 energetic staff, and programming at seven sites across the City of Evanston.

Don retired as Y.O.U.’s CEO in June of 2011, although he remains actively engaged as a volunteer leader in Y.O.U.’s work. Below you can see a video about Don’s inspirational and dedicated leadership for Evanston’s youth over 40 years.