Save the Date: Diverse Evanston Walks United

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Diverse Evanston Walks United (DEWU) is a community-wide celebration of peace, diversity, unity, leadership, and service held on Martin Luther King, Jr Day. This youth-driven event engages groups from across Evanston with local youth and families to create different expressions and thoughts promoting non-violence. Performances and speeches will focus on discussing strategies to make Evanston a safer place.




YWCA, YMCA, City of Evanston, Youth Job Center, Music Institute of Chicago, Fleetwood-Jourdain, Boys Scouts of America, Open Studio Project, ETHS Gay/Straight Alliance, ETHS NAACP, District 65, District 202


Help youth and families identify and commit to using specific strategies to make their neighborhoods and/or schools safer.

Engage youth, families, and community members in expressions of non-violence to educate others and raise awareness. 

Co-Sponsor Role

Participate in DEWU – either through speech, performance, or information table.

Promote DEWU event within organizations and community.

Communicate with YOU DEWU committee regarding co-sponsor role. 

Funding & Project Management

YOU is a non-profit with funding from 21st CCLC, IVPA, TeenReach, and United Way.

Learn More!

For additional information regarding DEWU, please contact Melody Rose at or (847) 424-7932.


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