March 13: Share your Skills with Youth this Summer

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Share your skills this summer with youth who are eager to learn from your experience. 

YES! (Youth Entrepreneurs Summer Program) is seeking at least 20 professionals with various backgrounds to teach the different competencies. We are hoping for restaurant owners, doctors, marketers, investors, retailers, musicians, consultants, product developers….. and YOU! 

This pilot program is designed to introduce high school students to the basics of entrepreneurship and leadership, while helping them discover their passions and cultivate them into real business models. In the program, students learn from business professionals from the Evanston area and engage in active learning sessions with their peers. Students also become acquainted with potential career options and higher education opportunities.  The program’s curriculum is based on curriculum developed by the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management that has shown impressive results.  Sixty-four percent of students, upon completion of the program, said they are very likely to start their own business.

Specifically, we are seeking entrepreneurs and business professionals who will serve as “storytellers” this summer. We estimate the time commitment to be about three hours, including a one-hour training meeting and the assigned teaching day. However, we welcome our volunteers to become more involved if they would like! 

Please Email program coordinator Victoria Krone at if you are willing to volunteer as one of our professionals this summer. 

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