Give Back to the Community Today!

Clarence Weaver with his wife, Wendy, and the Y.O.U. youth and staff that created the C&W Market mural.

Hi Friend,

I'm Clarence Weaver, writing to you on behalf of Y.O.U. on Giving TuesdayI wanted to share why I'm supporting Y.O.U. today and why I hope you will, too. It's one of the best organizations to earn your support on this day. 

In our early days as residents of Evanston, my wife and I would reach out to youth, often through our church activities, talking to them in the parking lot or the neighborhood, but we never had a true connection. 

Then we opened our convenience store at the corner of Church and Dodge and began really getting to know the young people in our community. We learned from this experience two things that relate to Y.O.U. and the work it does so well in our community. 

One is that if you want to help kids, you need to establish a relationship, and to do that you need a place and an activity that brings you together on a regular basis. This is exactly what Y.O.U. provides to our community's youth every day and these connections will only grow with its new building (just a few doors from our store, C&W Market!).

The other thing I learned is that when we're giving our time to mentor youth, we tend to think we're the ones they should feel proud to be with. But actually, it's the other way around. We should feel proud to be with them. 

Y.O.U. kids have shown me this time and again when I've volunteered in the programs. It's not merely about us giving to them, enriching their lives. It's themgiving to us, making our lives richer as they grow into smart, kind and confident people.

I'm proud to support Y.O.U. youth. They remind me it's not where you start out; it's where you end. I invite you to join me in supporting our community's youth.

Also, giving to Y.O.U. is a way for me to recognize that I am where I am today because somebody helped me. Aren't we all? 

Best wishes,

Clarence Weaver
Owner, C&W Market
Volunteer, Y.O.U.


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Clarence Weaver with his wife, Wendy, and the Y.O.U. youth and staff that created the C&W Market mural.

Give Back to the Community Today!

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