FAQs about Y.O.U.’s New Building

Where will Y.O.U.’s new building be located?
Our new headquarters will be a two-story, 12,600 square foot building at 1911 Church Street in Evanston. 

Where is Y.O.U.’s current headquarters?
Our current headquarters is a two-story, 5,600 square foot building at 1027 Sherman Avenue in Evanston. 

What is the timeline for Y.O.U.’s new building?
We broke ground in March of 2016 and anticipate completing the building by the end of the 2016 calendar year.

What are the planned programmatic spaces in the new building?
Our new building will offer transformational spaces for youth development activities, mental health counseling, and community gatherings. Click here to learn more.

Why is Y.O.U. using a union construction manager? 
We selected Leopardo as our construction manager for this project after a competitive bidding process that included both union and non-union construction managers. Leopardo was selected based on: 1) their comprehensive experience in building high-quality youth centers; 2) their extensive minority-owned and women-owned business network; and 3) their offering the most value. Leopardo’s qualifications include experience with ground up construction of other youth centers such as the Logan Square YMCA and the Jerri Hoffmann Child + Family Center (Children’s Home + Aid). 

How has Y.O.U. prioritized minority-owned, women-owned, and local businesses in hiring for the construction process?
From December 2015 through February 2016, Y.O.U. began and completed bidding for most of the sub-contracts for its construction project. Following the role model of many federal, state, and local agencies (including the City of Evanston), our board’s objective was to ensure at least 25% of contracts were awarded to minority-owned, women-owned, and/or locally-owned businesses.

We took numerous steps toward this objective, including:

  • We decided to work with Evanston-based firms for all of the architectural design.
  • We decided to work with an Evanston-based bank for financing.
  • We worked with the City of Evanston and local firms to identify and invite construction proposals from local bidders. 
  • We hosted a special bidding information session for minority, women-owned, and local bidders.
  • We hired a construction manager with extensive relationships with minority and women-owned contractors.

Ultimately, we reached out to 343 bidders and received 140 completed bids. Over 30% of contracts selected will be with minority, women, and locally-owned businesses. Across all of our firms, we are also encouraging consideration of local candidates for any incremental hiring. In addition, we have decided to hold back two contracts estimated to be $50,000 (landscaping and window treatment) with a goal of securing non-union, Evanston-based contractors.

What are opportunities for additional local hiring once the building is constructed?
We look forward to supporting local businesses in the operation of our new building. We see opportunities to hire locally for the following operational roles: janitorial; ongoing landscaping; catering services; snow removal; HVAC maintenance; plumbing services; and office equipment services.

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